This program imports a set of 3D coordinates and (optionally) Euler angles to construct a new particle set.

The 3D coordinates can be provided either in one big .star file, or as a set of shorter files, one for each tomogram.

If all the coordinates are provided as one .star file, it has to contain at least the following columns:

  • rlnTomoName: name of the tomogram to which a particle belongs.

  • rlnCoordinate<X/Y/Z>: the 3D coordinates within that tomogram.

If the input file also contains the particle angle columns rlnAngle<Rot/Tilt/Psi>, or any other column, they are also imported.

In case the other format is chosen, then the input file only needs to contain the following columns: rlnTomoName and rlnTomoImportParticleFile. The latter column points to a set of files (one for each tomogram) that contain the coordinates (rlnCoordinate<X/Y/Z>) and (optionally) angles (rlnAngle<Rot/Tilt/Psi>).

Program arguments:

  • --i: Input .star file containing a set of particle coordinates or a set of names of files containing those.

  • --t: Input tomogram set which particles belong.

  • --o: Output directory.