This program runs relion_postprocess on the pair of reference half maps set in the input optimisation set or generated by relion_tomo_reconstruct_particle so they can be used by the different refinement programs more easily.

This program creates an output optimisation set file and a Postprocess folder within the output directory.

Optimisation set arguments:

  • --i and/or --p, --t, --mot and --man: input optimisation-set and/or its components (see optimisation set).

  • --opt_mask: Mask to be used for subsequent optimisation procedures. This argument updates the output optimisation set file.

General program arguments:

  • --rec: Reconstruction path of a relion_tomo_reconstruct_particle job (The --o argument). If this argument is set, half maps in input optimisation set file are ignored.

  • --mask: Mask to be used for FSC computation. This argument does not updates the output optimisation set file.

  • --o: name of the output directory (that will be created).