Import coordinates

The minimum required data to construct pseudo-subtomos is the set of 3D coordinates and corresponding tomogram name for each particle. Pixel coordinates should be related to dimensions and offsets given by files for original pixel size (Bin1) (See Import tomograms). During the import coordinates process, it checks if the tomogram names of all particles exist in the related tomogram set file and adds the corresponding data_optics table to the output file (More information in relion_tomo_import_particles program help and Particle set description).

Select Tomo import from the jobt-type browser on the left and fill in the following parameters on the Coordinates tab:

Import coordinates?:


STAR file with coordinates::


Tomograms set::


(Note that the Browse button will only list tomogram set star files.)

On the Tomograms tab, make sure the following is set:

Import tomograms?:


On the Others tab, make sure the following is set:

Import other node types?:


Inside the newly created directory, you will find the imported particle set file along with an file.

If you had preprocessed your particles in a different project, you would use the same Tomo import job-type to import particles star file, 3D references, 3D masks, etc, on the Others tab. Note that this is NOT the recommended way to run relion, and that the user is responsible for generating correct star files.